Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ibola virus safety rules | Tips save your life Ibola virus.

Ibola patent
Ibola patent
Tips save your life Ibola virus.

Ibola. Ibola virus directly affects your immune system and organs. 90 percent of patients die from the virus more likely. The virus is transmitted from infected pigs and monkeys. Defending the right to information about the virus.

Ibola virus symptoms

Some are found in patients infected with the virus symptoms such as headache, joint and muscle pain, fever, sore throats be, body weakness, abdominal pain. These symptoms in patients infected with the virus can be seen in 2 to 21 days. There are some other symptoms such as virus Ibola Akhan, bleeding from the nose and ears, some people are bloody diarrhea and the patient's condition gets worse.
Ibola virus prevention and control of.

For the diagnosis of virus research is going on in the world right now. But if you do some measures the impact of this virus can be reduced to some extent.

1-crowded place you use your handkerchief or mask.

2- If you are a vegetarian then you should pay attention to cleanliness because most of the meat is much chance of spreading the virus Ibola.

3-Unulom-inverse Prayanam morning which will remove your respiratory discomfort.

4-Just like the virus affects the immune system in the body is important to you Eat more fruit.

5-Drink water in quantities greater than 5. Keep filling water in a copper vessel at night and drink up in the morning.

6-Wash hands eat 6 meals.

7-Drink water always humming.

8-Drink 8 cloves and cardamom.

9-In olive oil or mustard oil body massage must.

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