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14 ISKCON Myths and Facts

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has a place with the Gaudiya Vaishnava sampradaya (group or custom), an old monotheistic convention inside Vedic or Hindu society. ISKCON was made on July 11, 1966 by His Divine Grace A.c. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (tenderly called Srila Prabhupada). It started in a little storefront in New York and has since formed into an overall confederation of in excess of 11,000 sanctuary aficionados, 980,000 congregational lovers, and is included more than 350 focuses, 60 country groups, and 55 restaurants around the world.

01. Myth- ISKCON is an American association.

Fact- ISKCON is non-partisan in all regards, including nationality. It has sanctuaries everywhere throughout the world oversaw and went to by neighborhood individuals of that area. Fans frequently head out to diverse sanctuaries everywhere throughout the world serving the gods, lecturing and performing sanctuary benefits as and when required.

7 Difference between king cobra and black mamba

Black Mamba vs King cobra

*1#  While Black Mambas Scientific name is Dendroaspis polylepis and King cobras have Ophiophagus Hannah. What's more interestingly both have one thing exceptionally special which makes them not the same as other.

king cobra
king cobra

*2# king Cobras can grow their hood, because of vicinity of expandable muscles. Then again, Black Mambas inside mouth is dark in color. As far as size, ruler cobras lead the race as they might associate with 5 or more meters long in it. While mambas could be around 4m long. Much the same as Mambas who lift their front some piece of body to incredible degree, King Cobras additionally lift their front while in the occasion of battling or spotting supplicate.

*3# In any case Cobra could be more forceful in this looks in light of the fact that expansive mouth and hood that they groups. Eyes of cobras are more dreaded as contrasted with Black Mambas. You can know some obscure Black Mamba truths.

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10 Interesting Facts about Nutritional Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomato is a divine vegetable which makes your feast tasty to consume and fabricates your well-being on the way. The little red attractive vegetable has more to offer than simply its shade. It is loaded with supplements like the lycopene. Tomato is organically considered as soil grown foods however all in all it is alluded as vegetable in  light  of the  fact  that  it is   basically  utilized  within cooking, we scarcely consume it crude! Here are 10 nourishing profit of tomato –

 #1*: Rich in cell reinforcements

Three sorts of hostile to oxidants are found in tomatoes – Vitamin C, Vitamin An and beta-carotene. Separated from these they are additionally rich in manganese and vitamin E. at that point the vicinity of lycopene is accepted to bring down the danger of heart illnesses, keeps up cholesterol level and counteractive action of age related eye issue like macular degeneration.

 #2*: Helps in forestalling malignancy

Tomato is loaded with phytonutrients and cell reinforcements which helps it in keeping the prostate malignancy. The vicinity of alpha-Tomasine in tomato adjusts the creating procedure of prostate growth cells.

 #3*: Healthy heart 

The real cancer prevention agents, lycopene and Vitamin C is known to enhance cardiovascular well-being by imbuing oxygen to circulation system, the blood stream and dissemination is enhanced and the cholesterol level is brought down and additionally helps in enhancing fat blood profiles.

 #4*: Healthy bone

lycopene is the reason that you will be getting sound bone upon the utilization of tomato. They likewise avert oxidation anxiety to your bones and the vicinity of potassium advertises great bone well-being.

 #5*: Anti-incendiary

You will discover different carotenoids which are considered to be calming operators. Our body is profited a considerable measure from the mitigating properties.

 #6*: Rich in potassium

In the event that your body has potassium inadequacy then it may be inclined to assorted types of ailments and well-being issue like pulse, coronary illness, joint inflammation, growth, digestive issues and likewise can prompt stroke.

 #7*: Healthy visual perception

On the off chance that you need to decrease the danger of macular degeneration and beta-carotene helps in enhancing night vision. In the event that you have a feeble night vision then you must have tomato in your standard eating methodology. You can consume it crude or cooked any which ways it will taste great.

 #8*: Diabetes

The mineral chromium is found in high amount in tomatoes making it useful for diabetic patients as it controls the glucose level. So begin having tomatoes now in your dinner and perceive how it manages your glucose level. 

#9*: Helpful in Alzheimer's ailment

Much Alzheimer's patients are said to be profited by the utilization of tomatoes. The vicinity of such a large number of supplements makes this vegetable an absolute necessity have in everyone's eating methodology as it will help them keep up their well-being.

 #10*: Helps in diminishing weight

An alternate nourishing profit of tomatoes is that tomatoes are a low calorie nourishment which is loaded with various supplements making it a great sustenance thing to be incorporated in your eating methodology. It has been demonstrated that tomatoes help in lessening the danger of turning fat. It helps in keeping up your well-being and gives every one of you the valuable supplements that will help you stay in shape and sound.

10 Interesting Facts About Nutritional Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberry is one of the popular apples and oranges everywhere throughout the world which accompanies a scrumptious taste and a full bundle of well-being profits. They are accessible generally in summer, these apples and oranges are improved with part of vitamins and cell reinforcements. It is red in color and is a delicious summer products of the soil. It is a famous super tree grown foods which can give all the supplements to great well-being. It holds substantial number of seeds about something like 200.

Wholesome Benefits of Strawberries:

 #1*: It has growth curing capability

 Presence of cell reinforcements helps you forestall growth. It stops development of tumor cells. This foods grown from the ground is advanced with vitamin C that forestalls malignancy.

 Another compound called Ellagic corrosive present in strawberries comes as an anticancer operator by smothering unreasonable cell development.

 #2*: Strawberry makes your teeth splendid

 Strawberries hold such an extensive amount acids that expel stain from your teeth. For which you get brighter and whiter teeth. Day by day biting of this tree grown foods provides for you alluring teeth making you more wonderful.

 #3*: It secures heart

Strawberry plant
 This is one of the incredible well-being profit of strawberries, the flavoring substance introduce in red a piece of strawberry decreases cholesterol rate that keeps your heart sound.

 Phenolic substances in strawberry keep vein capacity enhanced in a few conduct and cell reinforcements additionally keep your heart secured.

 Potassium substance averts heart stroke and assault by keeping up heart rate. This is the reason nourishing profits of strawberries works adequately for heart patients.

 #4*: Strawberry diminishes cholesterol rate

 This tree grown foods holds some measure of hp-ytonutrients that is useful against ailment making infections and decreases cholesterol rate in human body.

 The phenolic mixes are likewise the kind of cancer prevention agents that reductions cholesterol rate. It diminishes rate of low thickness Li-poprotein and decreases its oxidation process.

 #5*: It is useful for getting thinner

Ellagic corrosive and anthologists are best known to slower the processing methodology.

 It controls glucose rate. So the digestion system rate expansions and the fat inside body diminishes.

 It holds fewer measures of fat and cholesterol which makes you thin and gives you a chance to devour great wellbeing.

 #6*: It has mitigating properties

 Inflammation of chloric compound reasons numerous illnesses. Strawberries have calming properties with the assistance of phenol mixes inside them. It cures ailments like asthma, osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis.

 It likewise secures from stomach smoldering and intestinal dying.

 #7*: Strawberry provides for you solid eye

 As we know vitamin C is the most vital supplement for eyes, strawberry's vitamin C substance gives great well-being to eye. It secures the eye lens and likewise ensures eye from hurtful UV beams.

 Vitamin C likewise keeps Cornea and retina safe and expansions their quality. So you need to bring the tree grown foods with much higher supplements for sound vision, strawberries are one of the vitamin C improved products of the soil.

 #8*: Fights for maturing infection

 Rich Vitamin substance cure infections because of maturing. These likewise secure from maturing of cerebrum and keeps mind sound at developing age.

 It additionally cures tumors and stones. For best comes about you need to take strawberry squeeze day by day in your breakfast.

 #9*: It provides for you shining skin

 This nourishment certainty of strawberry is utilized within numerous healthy skin items.

 Strawberry's vitamin C substance offers flexibility to skin. It is additionally useful creating skin cells. It provides for you sound and shining skin.

 The maturing impacts, for example, scars, wrinkles might be cured with normal admission of strawberries. This healthful profit of strawberries is utilized within making magnificence items.

 #10*: It ensures bones

 Manganese takes a great consideration of bone structure. Other potassium and vitamin substance additionally secure your bone. Strawberries are loaded with manganese with potassium and Vitamin substance make your bone solid.

10 Interesting Facts About Nutritional Benefits of Watermelon


Watermelon is for the most part consumed in summer to keep the sun hotness having revitalizing properties. It is rich in cell reinforcement lycopene and Vitamin A. It is a scrumptious soil grown foods with a lot of water rate in it which ensures from summer temperatures. It has external blanket of green or yellow shade which is a bit thick and the interior part comprises of dark seeds with meaty and delicious material which is pink or red in color. It has a kind of plain sweet syrup sort. It is accessible in diverse sorts. In spite of the fact that it could be generated at whatever time in a year yet it is for the most part consumed in summer.

Nourishing Benefits of Watermelon:

*1#: It keeps your body hydrated

Watermelons are generally accessible in business throughout summer. Our body gets got dried out in summer because of exorbitant sun high temperature and temperature. Watermelon has 92% of water and electrolytes. Thus, watermelons hydrates body and skin when water and minerals are lost in sweating consequently decreasing the possibilities of drying out.

*2#: It keeps renal sound
Watermelon juice
Watermelon juice

Plenty of water and mineral substance in watermelon clean kidney for which visit pee happens.

Watermelon holds potassium that expels dangerous components from body and surrenders renal calculi which is transformed in the body and it decreases the rate of uric corrosive present in blood.

*3#: Helps in getting more fit

The best healthful profit of watermelon is that it is a delectable sweet with low calories and rate of water substance is excessively high in it. Because of this it helps in decreasing weight.

It is the best choice for calorie free snacks with a lot of water substance and minerals for your body.

*4#: Increases mental aptitude 

This healthful profit of watermelon is truly useful for learners for expanding their mental ability as it holds great measure of Vitamin B6 that is useful in expanding intellectual competence. As the water rate is 92% in it, it expands mental ability on the grounds that water rate in watermelon is like that of water rate in mind. Cerebrum chemicals are handled by consuming watermelons which decreases push and dejection and gives you a chance to have a sound slumber.

*5#: It lets your skin sparkle

Watermelons show astringent quality a smidgen that aides in gleaming skin and useful for magnificence medicine. It kills free radicals for which wrinkles, pimples and scars get cured.

It is a great cure material for skin harm. 

*6#: It secures from UV beams

Watermelons hold carotenoid color, lycopene. Lycopene gives assurance against UV beams. UV beams harm your skin and reasons distinctive sicknesses so watermelon is one of the best soil grown foods gave by nature.

*7#: Protection against disease

It holds cancer prevention agents and flavoring which gives security against a few sorts of malignancies like colon, breast, lung, pancreatic and numerous other disease sorts.

Watermelon gives fitting security against oxygen free radicals and cells of human body.

*8#: Solves vision issue

The substance of Vitamin An in watermelon is useful for vision. It makes resistance and additionally ensures skin and bodily fluid layers. It expands vision power and secures eye from diverse diseases. The best dietary profit of watermelon is that every day admission of 100g of it will keep your eye sound dependably.

*9#: Cures heart issues

As we know potassium is available in body cell and liquid subsequently having capability to keep up heart rate and pulse. Watermelon hold a great measure of potassium which helps in curing coronary illness keeping heart solid. This is one of the best nutritious profit of watermelon.

*10#: Protection against disease

As watermelon holds Vitamin B6, B1, C and manganese, it gives a sort of insurance shield against outer infections.

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8 Interesting facts about Peepal tree | Benefits of Peepal tree

Peepal or Ashwatha tree is of incredible criticalness in 
Ayurveda. It is accepted to cure sicknesses, for example, 
gonorrhea, hemorrhoids, looseness of the bowels, diarrhea
, gastrohelcosis, neuralgia and irritations. Peepal tree is of 
religious imperatives likewise in India. As indicated by Indian 
mythology, it is accepted that master Vishnu was conceived 
under the tree and it is his most loved tree.

Well-being Benefits

 *1#: Controls diabetes: In India, diabetes is a malady of genuine concern in view of the way that inexorably numerous individuals are, no doubt diagnosed of this ailment. Studies are shedding light on the conceivable utilization of peepal concentrates in diabetes. Diabetes actuated rats indicated a noteworthy drop in the blood glucose levels in the wake of being directed with peepal concentrates. Separated from glucose levels, even cholesterol levels had additionally been controlled.

33 Interesting facts about Kidney all problems

Kidney Disease Facts

 *1# :1 in 3 American grown-ups is presently at danger for creating kidney disease.the danger increments to 1 in 2 throughout the span of a lifetime.

*2#: 1 in 9 American grown-ups has kidney malady - and most don't have any acquaintance with it.

*3#: high pulse and diabetes are the two heading reason for kidney illness.

*4#: major danger components for kidney ailment incorporate diabetes, hypertension, family history of kidney disappointment and being age 60 or more established.

5 Interesting facts about Liver | Human Liver

Interesting facts you may not think about your liver 

Your liver is the second biggest organ in your body (after your skin) and it sits in your right, upper stomach range.  We consistently let you know how paramount your liver is to your general well-being, and that in the event that you take care of it, you ought to carry on with a more drawn out and healthier life.

Two of the best known capacities of the liver are fat smoldering and detoxification.  Your liver has a significant impact over how quick or moderate your digestion system is.  An effective liver smolders fat well and helps you keep up a sound body weight.  Your liver additionally detoxifies and sanitizes your circulatory system.  Every poisonous substance that enters your body should in the end be transformed by your liver.  If your liver is great at this employment, you will feel vigorous, think that it simple to think unmistakably and have an upbeat, stable state of mind.  If your liver is a poor detoxifies you will feel an incredible inverse.

35 Interesting facts about Human heart | Story of Human heart

The Human Heart 

Human heart
Human heart

1- The normal grown-up heart thumps 72 times each moment; 100,000 times each day; 3,600,000 times each year; and 2.5 billion times throughout a lifetime.


2- Though weighing just 11 ounces on normal, a solid heart pumps 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of veins every day.


 3-A kitchen spigot would need to be turned on the distance for no less than 45 years to equivalent the measure of blood pumped by the heart in a normal lifetime.

20 Interesting facts about Insectivorous trees | The Insectivorous trees

Maybe the Pitcher plant is the most recondite leaf in the entire universe. With its one of a kind capacity to acquire nourishment, it has enlivened multitudes to reshape their idea on how nature truly functions. 


Opposing to what we generally think, the pitcher plant does not by any stretch of the imagination resemble the one we have on the cooler. Rather, the greater part of them look like challises of all shapes and sizes! 


These meat-consuming pitcher plants fit in with two huge groups of mono-cots—the Nepenthaceae (Old World) and Sarraceniaceae (New World).