Monday, 19 May 2014

6 Interesting facts about human body

There are six things which we do not know about body:

1-Start the day with the caveat that we'd need a doctor's sleep with the victims of overconfidence. The key thing is how we know that sleep is complete or not.

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2-Viagra is associated with muscle disease can be effective in.

3-Dikhkht hanging from the tree of life, not breath.

4-Electric shock created by the use of legs.

5-Professor Russell Foster of Oxford University, said:'' If the alarm has to be resorted to waking or early morning - are used to drinking liquids that contain caffeine, so you need to sleep.''

6-Foster says that less sleep makes us irritable and restless. In addition it also courting danger while driving is temperamental and makes you more than usual.

Professor Russell says that people need to look at their lifestyles and the need to control.

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