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108 Interesting reasons about like Krishna

Krishna Balram and other
Krishna Balram and other
Krishna is feeling over heart.This is name enter to the heart. His glory is infinite, which will evermore rounds. Krishna's words have landed, my best friend- Anastasia Muravyeva

1st: Krishna is all-attractive.

2nd: It's my nature to him.

krishna cow love
krishna cow love
3rd: He is very merciful.

4th: He is the best dancer.

5th: He is new every moment.
6th: His voice is very sweet.

7th: His name is ocean of love.

8th: He loves His devotees.
Shri Krishna
Shri Krishna

9th: He gives love to fallen souls.

10th: He is very sweet.

11th: He never leaves His devotees.

12th: He is loving lord of Prabhupada.

nitai gaur love
nitai gaur love
13th: He is loving lord of my gurudev

14th: He is ocean of nectar. 

15th: There's too many ways to him.

16th: His pastimes is very sweet.

krishna cow love
krishna cow love
17th: He has 6 perfections.

18th: He has unique traits of character.

19th: His flute attracts my heart.

20th: He is life and soul of his devotees.

21th: He gave me sadhu-sanga.

22th: There's all world inHis eves.

23th: His harinama-sankirtana is my life.

krishna with Bansuri
krishna with Bansuri
24th: He loves Radha.
25th: Devotees are in His heart.

26th: He is in hearts of devotee.

27th: He is infinite joy.

28th: He is very kind.

29th: His name is breath of all devotees.

krishna Balram
krishna Balram
30th:He is bhakta-vatsalya.

31th: He is my prana-dhana.

32th: His devotees call me to love him.

33th: His devotees give me service.

krishna"s love feel prabhupada
krishna"s love feel prabhupada

34th: His devotees are more graceful than he.

35th: He is paramatma in everybody's heart.

36th: He is very loving.

37th: He is full of transcendental knowledge.

39th: He is joy of Yashodamata.

nitai gaur
nitai gaur
40th: He is joyful in spiritual bliss.

41th: He is ocean of prema.

42th: He gives yourself to bhava-bhaktas.

43th: He is my treasure.

44th: His lotus feet are full of nectar.

45th: His lotus feet are in my heart.

46th: His lotus feet are a ship to swim across the material world.

47th: He can be known only by bhakti.

48th: He accepts every little service.

49th: He takes dirt from heart away.

50th: He is love of Radha.

51th: He don't see dirt and love little good traits.

52th: Everyone wants to see his face.

save cow krishna
save cow krishna
53th: Everyone wants to dance with him.

54th: He is amazing.

55th: He is inspiration of devotees.

56th: Without him everything is nothing.

57th: We can accept me as servant.

58th: We is true happiness.

59th: He knows everyone's heart.

Krishna and other
Krishna and other
60th: He is deep-loving to his devotees.

61th: He is beautiful.

62th: He is nectar of Bhagavatam.

63th: He is loving thief.

64th: He gives prasadam.

cow importance
cow importance
65th: He inspires everyone.

66th: Everything great is He.

67th: He is friend of Arjuna.

68th: Every moksha is nothing in front of bhakti.

69th: The is dark as a tamale tree.

70th: His flute makes everyone mad.

71th: He is life of 6 go-swamis.

72th: He gives the greatest treasure – prema.

73th: No one can count his traits.

74th: He is loved by everyone.

krishna-Radha love with other
krishna-Radha love with other
75th: He has very sweet smell.

76th: His words are nectar.

77th: He is friend of everyone.

78th: He is well-wisher of everyone.

79th: He makes all pure wishes come true.

80th: He is loved by Vrindadevi.

81th: He loves cows.

Bal Krishna with his mother and other
Bal Krishna with his mother and other
82th: He holds all universe.

83th: Krishna hears everybody.

84th: He plays at govardhan.

85th: He makes everyone cry of happiness.

86th: He is madana-mohana.

: He is Vishwaroopam ♥.

Shri Krishna
Shri Krishna
88th: Krishna nama parama sukhadai.

89th: He is full of jiva-doya.

90th: He saves souls like me.

91th: He doesn't leave everyone.

92th: She gives vipralambha that is the highest love.

Shri Krishna
Shri Krishna
93th: He is soul of Vrindavan.

94th: Gaura is kali-yuga-pavana.

95th: He is visvambhara.

96th: He is nama-pravartana-sura.

97th: He is yasomati-nandana.

98th: He is Vrindavana-chandra.

99th: He is sun of my heart.

100th: He is namananda.

shir prabhupada
shir prabhupada
101th: He is sarva-jiva-prana.

102th: He is vrindavananda-murti.

103th: He is bhakta-gaurava-kari.

104th: He is jahnavi-jivana.

105th: He is extract love.

prabhupada, nitayi gaur
prabhupada, nitayi gaur
106th: He shines like a million suns.

107th: He is master of rasa-dance.

108th: He will be my only true love ♥  ♥  ♥

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