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51 Interesting facts about Ramayan.

Sita ji
Sita ji
1. Sita wasn't destined to ruler Janaka. She was the little girl of the Goddess of earth, Bhumi. She was found by lord Janaka in a crate while furrowing the earth as a piece of a yagna, who then embraced her as his little girl considering her to be an aid from the goddess of the earth.

2. Towards the end, Sita summoned Bhoomi Devi to take her over in the wake of finishing the Agni Pariksha.

3. Sita was an incarnation of goddess Laxmi.

4. When Hanuman saw Sita applying sindhoor (Vermillion to non-indians) to her hair. He asked her what reason it served to which Sita answered that it was for the prosperity and long life of Lord Rama. At that point Hanuman spread his whole body with sindhoor for the long life of Lord Rama.

5. The "Shiva dhanush" was effectively moved by Sita throughout her youth. Ruler Janak watched this and this occurrence set the state of "Sita Swayamvar" in the Ramayana.

6. Urmila (sister of Sita) Laxmana's wife rested both his and her imparts of rest with the goal that Laxmana stayed wakeful securing Rama and Sita. She dozed for the entire time of outcast (14 years) and just woke up when Laxmana came back to Ayodhya. Laxmana is, consequently, additionally called "Gudakesh" importance one who has "vanquished slumber".

7. Magma and Kusha children of Rama vanquished all the three Brothers of Ram (Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughna) in a fight that was pursued for recovering the stallion which was being utilized by Rama while performing Ashvamedha Yagna.

8. Valmiki the creator of Ramayana was a Hunter before he turned a sage. He was additionally the Guru of Lava and Khusha and prepared them in every type of symbolization and fight.

9. Laxman and Shatrughana were twins.

10. In spite of the fact that just three wives of Dasharatha are known, he had more than 300

 wives. Kaikeyi was his last wife.

11. Ravana and his sibling Kumbhakarna are considered to be the incarnations of Jaya and Vijaya the guardians of Lord Vishnu's reality. They were reviled by Brahmas children Four Kumaras to be conceived in earth after they were rejected passage into Lord Vishnu's reality. Jaya and Vijaya then argued Lord Vishnu to reveal to them result by which they could stay away from the desperate outcome of their rudeness. Ruler Vishnu provided for them two choices. They could either be conceived as his enthusiasts for 7 life cycles or as his foes for 3 life cycles. They picked the recent since they favored not to be differentiated from Lord Vishnu for a Long time of time. They were conceived as Hiranyaksha & Hiranyakashapa in Satya Yuga, Ravana and Kumbhakarna in Tretha Yuga, Dantavakra and Shishupala in Dwapara Yuga.

12. Kuber, The lord of Wealth was Ravana's relative. Both had the same father.

13. Kumbhakarna was viewed as devout, shrewd and overcome, so much that Indra was desirous of him. Alongside his siblings, Ravana and Vibhishana, he performed a significant yajnaand compensation for Lord Brahma. At the point when the time desired asking a help (favoring) from Brahma, his tongue was tied by goddess Saraswati (following up on Indra's appeal). So as opposed to soliciting "Indraasana" (seat from Indra), he requested "Nidraasana" (bunk for resting).

14. Ravana additionally requested supreme immunity from and amazingness over divine beings, magnificent spirits, different rakshas, serpents, and wild mammoths. He didn't request insurance from mortal men, as he didn't feel that they would result in him any damage.

15. It is said that when Ravan's child Meghanada was to be conceived from his wife Mandodari's womb, Ravana "taught" all the planets and the Sun to be in their fitting position for the promising "lagna" so that his child would get everlasting.

16. Ravan once broke his arm to build a musical instrument to sing melodies of recognition for Shiva. It was known as the Ravanhatta

17. Ravana was knowledgeable with Ayurveda. He wrote Ravana Samhita which discusses the exploration of ayurveda. He composed a book on Hindu Astrology called 'Kaali Kitab'. He was likewise a maestro of Veena.

18. Ravana was reviled by Nandi that Lanka would be decimated by a monkey. Later, Hanuman place Lanka in blazes.

19. After Ravana and his siblings gained aids from ruler Brahma, Ravana anticipated attacking the kingdom of Amaravathi, the capital of the sublime kingdom of Indra. Knowing Ravanas quality and proficience Indra counsels Narada for help. Narada tells Indra that Ravana is capable in light of the fact that his family venerates Lord Shiva and that the love thus provides for them such gigantic force. Narada then proposes Indra that he disturb Kaikesi's (Ravan's Mother) love of a Linga which is made of sand. Indra disturbs the petition to God by devastating the Linga. Knowing this Ravana then guarantees Kaikesi that he will perform retribution and bring Lord Shiva's Aatma Linga for her to worship.goddess Parvathi comes to think about Ravana's repentance and apprehensions that Lord Shiva may leave Kailasa and go to earth for eternity. Narada then recommends Goddess Parvathi that she look for Lord Vishnu's assistance in this matter. Master Shiva awed by Ravana's compensation awards him a wish. Master Vishnu then uses his enchantment to trap Ravana into asking Goddess Parvathi's hand from ruler Shiva rather than the Aatma Linga. Shiva concedes Ravana's wish. Goddess Parvathi then condemnations Lord Vishnu that he will likewise be seperated from his life partner whenever he is conceived as a human. This condemnation laid the way for Sita's snatching and the Ramayana.

20. Ravan once broke his arm to build a musical instrument to sing tunes of recognition for Shiva. It was known as the Ravanhatta.

Hnuman ji ram and laxman
Hnuman ji ram and laxman
21. There are numerous hypotheses on the conception of Hanuman, yet the generally acknowledged one states that Hanuman was destined to the lord of Vanaras Kesari and Anjana (who was an apsara conceived as a female vanara because of a condemnation) as an aid from master Shiva because of which he is considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

22. Hanuman battled master Rama in a fight and won. Rama was requested by wise Vishwamithra to murder Yayati, a partner of Rama to which Rama obliged. Knowing this Yayathi went to Hanuman looking for his assistance, who thus made a guarantee to him that he would spare him from any sort of threat without realizing that it was Lord Rama who was coming to slaughter him. Hanuman did not utilize any weapon within his fight against Lord Rama, rather stood droning Rama's name in the front line. The bolts from ruler Rama's bow did not have any impact on Hanuman. Ruler Rama then surrendered and sage Vishwamithra calmed Rama of his assertion seeing the dedication and valor of Hanuman and gave Hanuman the name "Veer Hanuman".

23. Hanuman had a child by the name 'Makara Dhwaja' who was a devoted warrior of Ahiravan the leader of under (universe of the dead), Ravana's step sibling. Makara Dhwaja crushed Hanuman in a duel when Hanuman went to the salvage Rama and Laxmana, who were grabbed by Ahiravan.

24. Ahiravan was slaughtered by Hanuman. He then made his own particular child Makara Dhwaja the lord and left with Rama and Laxmana.

25. Makara Dhwaja was destined to a fish (or crocodile by a few writings). At the point when Hanuman was en route again in the wake of annihilating Lanka, he showered in the ocean to chill himself. While he was doing so a fish (or crocodile) swallowed a portion of the sweat from Hanumans body and Makara Dhwaja was imagined.

26. Valmiki was once recounted a form of Ramayan composed in stone that was much more elegantly composed than his. Envious and curious he looked for it. He was stunned to discover the creator was Hanuman. Its excellence of its made him sob. Anyway it likewise discouraged him that nobody would read his adaptation now. Hanuman immediately crushed the stone to bits on the grounds that he hadn't composed the life of Ram for the purpose of popularity.

27. Hanuman is one of the 7 chiranjeevs (the immortals who will live work the start of the following Satya Yuga).

28. Hanuman dismisses a pearl neckband talented by to him by Sita saying "I don't acknowledge anything that does not hold Ram." To demonstrate his point he tore his midsection to show the vicinity of Ram in his heart.

29. Hanuman killed the evil presence Kalanemi, while bringing sanjeevani herb. Kalanemi was sent by Ravana.

30. Hanuman additionally resisted Sun from climbing before time as it would have killed Laxman.31. Vashishta Maharshi the master of Raghu administration named Rama. He illustrated that the name "Rama" is made up of two beeja aksharas (in sequential order seeds): Agni beeja (Ra) and Amrutha beeja (Ma). Agni beeja empowers the spirit, psyche and body. Amrutha beeja reinvigorates the prana Shakti (life energy) in all the body.

Laximan,shri ram,jambant and hanuman
Laximan,shri ram,jambant and hanuman
31. Vashishta Maharshi the guru of Raghu dynasty named Rama. He explained that the name ‘Rama’ is made up of two beeja aksharas (alphabetical seeds): Agni beeja  and Amrutha beeja . Agni beeja energizes the soul, mind and body. Amrutha beeja reinvigorates the prana Shakti  in all the body.

32. After the fight Vibhishana displayed "Pushpaka Vimana" to Lord Rama, which his sibling Ravana accepted after he crushed his relative Kubera. Master Rama alongside Sita came back to Ayodhya on Pushpaka Vimana.

33. In the wake of executing Vali, Lord Rama guaranteed that Vali would have his retribution in his next conception. Vali was reborn as Jara, a seeker who was the reason for death of Krishna.

34. Bharata never sat on the throne of Ayodhya , rather he set Lord Rama's shoes on the throne and completed his obligations as a lord on Lord Rama's name. He furnished a proportional payback to Lord Rama when he came back to Ayodhya in the wake of crushing Ravana.

35. Satisfied with his assistance throughout the fight with Ravana, Lord Rama conceded Jambavantha a wish. Jambavantha then communicated his wish to battle Lord Rama in a duel. Master Rama said he would certainly battle him, however not as Rama. Later in Dwapara yuga Krishna battled Jambavantha in a duel and crushed him. Jambavantha then understood that it was Lord Rama who in Krishna's structure crushed him.

36. Jambhavantha after his battle with Krishna asked Krishna to wed his little girl Jambhavathi.

37. Master Ram had a senior sister by the name of Shantha or Shantai.

38. Vashishtha and Vishvamitra both were Ram's masters and both detested one another.

39. The Death of Ram – Ram wouldn't pass on as Hanuman wouldn't permit Yama (God of Death) to enter Ayodhya to claim Ram. To occupy Hanuman's consideration Ram dropped his ring through a break in the floor and approached Hanuman to get it over for him. Going down Hanuman arrived at the place where there is serpents and approached the King for Ram's ring. The ruler demonstrated Hanuman a vault loaded with rings all of which were Ram's. He told a stunned Hanuman that when in the cycle of time a Ram is to kick the bucket he drops a ring down the split so that a Hanuman could be redirected from his gatekeeper.

40. Magma and Kusha (Ram's children) went northwards and discovered two urban areas. Lahore (Got this name as Lava established it) and Kasur (Got this name as Kusha established it). Both of these urban communities are a piece of today's Pakistan. There is a sanctuary 
connected with Lava inside Shahi Qila, Lahore, Pakistan, The Temple of Lava.

41. The idea of Lakshman Rekha is a myth. The valmiki Ramayan doesn't say a thing about it. It just specifies that Lakshman proceed to hunt down Ram in the wake of saying a request to God wanting the gods from the woodland and the pancha bhootas to secure Seetha devi. The Lakshman Rekha idea is something that was adjusted by writers and essayists of the last times in their own particular abstract works about Ramayan which in the end turned into a prevalent view, particularly this is specified by Mandodri in Lanka Kand in Ramcharitamanas.

42. Lakshman griped that he generally needed to take after Ram's directions despite the fact that when he thought they were uncalled for as he the more youthful sibling and in this manner compelled by a sense of honor. Ram made a guarantee to him that in the following life, he, Lakshman would be the senior sibling, additionally let him know that he would in any case take after his directions. They were reborn as Balrama and Krishna. But then Balrama took after Krishna not due to position but since Krishna was constantly right.

43. Lakshman is the avatar of Shesha Naga. The mount of Vishnu.

44. Practically every Indian realizes that Ravan was an incredible enthusiast of ruler Shiva, yet what most individuals don't know is that Ravan had additionally made a lovely song called Shiva Tandav for master Shiva. The psalm is exceptionally mainstream among Shaivites.

45. While Ravan lay biting the dust Ram asked Lakshman to go up to him to realize all that Ravan brought to the table since Ravan was a Brahman. At Ram's command, he rendered a talk in legislative issues and dharma to Laxmana.

46. There are upwards of 300 variants of the Ramayana known to exist. The most established variant is by and large perceived to be the Sanskrit form ascribed to the sage Valmiki. Most outstanding are Ramavataram in Tamil, Buddhist (Dasaratha Jataka No. 461) and Jain adjustments, and likewise Cambodian, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, Lao, Burmese and Malaysian variants of the story.

47. Vali was well known for the help that he had accepted, as per which any individual who preceded him lost a large portion of his quality to Vali, in this manner making Vali safe to any adversary.

48. Vali had crushed Ravana also. When Ravana called Vali for a battle. He took Ravana in his tail and took him all far and wide. Humbled, Ravana called for a truce.

49. Drona's father was the Maharishi Bharadwaja, who was the student of Valmiki, who composed Ramayana.

50. Parushuram, who showed up in Ram and Sita marriage, is additionally Guru to Bhishma and Karna.

51. Hanuman has a place with Ramayana while Bhima and his wife Draupadi has a place with Mahabharata. An old Hanuman told Bhima (hunting down a bloom for Draupadi ) who was vain about his incredible quality to lift his tail and Bhima could not.

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